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How to Study for the PMP® Exam

Exploring Your Project Management Professional (PMP®) Exam Prep Options

Self Study Product Overview

Can I Self-Study for the PMP® Exam and Expect to Pass?

The fact is, thousands of people self-study for the PMP exam each year. Although this mode of study takes the most discipline, self-study using books, software and audio books is also the least expensive way to prepare for the PMP exam.

If you have the discipline to manage your own studies and create your own study plan, RMC's complete line of self-study products is a great alternative.

PMP® Exam Prep Products – Eighth Edition
Published by RMC Publications, Inc.
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PMP® Exam Prep, 8th Edition

Are you looking for a time-tested and proven study guide for the PMP® exam? This new edition of the worldwide best-selling PMP® exam preparation book is specifically written for people who plan to sit for the PMP® examination after July 31st of 2013. Features of this worldwide best-selling resource include the following:

Hot Topics PMP® Exam Flashcards – Eighth Edition
Published by RMC Publications, Inc.

Developed by Rita Mulcahy, PMP

If you are looking for a way to prepare for the PMP exam that fits into your busy schedule, these flashcards are it. Now you can study at the office, on a plane or even in your car with RMC's portable and extremely valuable Hot Topics PMP® Exam Flashcards—in hard copy or audio CD format.

Over 300 of the most important and difficult to recall PMP® exam-related terms and concepts are now available for study as you drive, fly or take your lunch break. Order them both!

PM FASTrack® PMP® Exam Simulation Software – v8
Published by RMC Publications, Inc.

Developed by Rita Mulcahy, PMP

Created with the assistance of a psychometrician (just like the actual exam) PM FASTrack® is designed to simulate the actual exam in every detail. The program's database of 1,500+ questions allows you to take exams by knowledge area, process group, keyword/concept, PMP and Super PMP simulation.

Features for version 8 include automatic question bank updates (for people with Internet connections), upgraded exam reporting and archiving, and more "wordy" questions that more closely match the actual exam. In addition, all questions are cross-referenced with RMCs PMP® Exam Prep textbook, so you may quickly and easily go back and work on your weak areas. Why be surprised when you take the actual exam? Find your gaps before the exam finds them for you!

PMP® Exam Prep System – Eighth Edition
Published by RMC Publications, Inc.
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The Complete PMP® Exam Prep System

This is Rita's PMP Exam Prep System, it contains one of each of the three products—a PMP Exam Prep textbook, a copy of PM FASTrack Exam Simulation Software (CD-ROM only) and one copy of Hot Topics Flashcards (audio or flip book—your choice). These new editions of the worldwide best-selling PMP® exam preparation products are specifically written for people who plan to sit for the PMP® examination on and after July 31st, 2013.

e-Learning Course Overview

I Need a Class, But Can't Travel or Take Time Away from Work. What Are My Options?

If you are looking for a comprehensive PMP exam preparation class but cannot afford to travel or take days off from work, our self-directed PMP exam prep e-Learning course is your key to a passing score.

This course comes with six months of unlimited use, as well as the ability to control your own study schedule by picking up exactly where you previously left off—any time, day or night.

PMP® Exam Prep Online, Eighth Edition

RMC Project Management has been teaching its innovative techniques for passing the PMP® exam on the first try since 1991. Now, the thousands of development hours that go into our 2-day and 4-day intensive classroom-based courses each year are available online—24 hours a day, 7 days a week—to project managers around the globe!

This online course for the updated PMP exam offers:

  • A 16-lesson interactive tutorial
  • 1,500+ practice exam questions
  • Nearly 200 audio and video clips
  • A lesson specifically focused on passing on the FIRST try
  • A comprehensive Document Library of downloadable and printable items—Study Plan, Gaps Notebook, Sample Project Charter, and more!

Live Online Workshop Overview

I'm Only a Few Hours Away from Being Ready to Take the Exam. Now What?

If you have been preparing for the PMP exam using RMC materials or an RMC class, and believe you are only a few hours away from being ready to sit for the exam, consider our PMP Refresher Course in Live Online format.

Delivered only once per quarter, this course has a strict limit of 30 students per session, and will fill any remaining gaps in your exam-related knowledge.

PMP® Exam Prep Refresher—Live Online

Are you just a few hours away from being ready to sit for the PMP® exam? Do you have gaps in your exam-related knowledge that still need to be filled? Could you benefit from the guidance of an expert to finalize your preparation and help you achieve a passing score?

During this 6-hour Live Online course, An RMC Senior Instructor will work with participants on the most challenging areas of the PMP® exam, and review a number of common issues that prevent students from passing. The instructor will also explain the process of applying the PMI methodology to situational exam questions—and each student will leave the course with their own Final Study Plan. Eliminate your last few exam roadblocks, and register for RMC's new PMP® Exam Prep Refresher today!

Classroom Training Options Overview

Is it Possible to Prepare for the Exam in a Very Tight Timeline?

Delivered multiple times per year in most major metro areas, RMC's classroom training courses for the PMP exam have helped tens of thousands of project managers earn PMP certifications.

Options include both a 2-Day and a 4-Day Accelerated class, as well as a 5-Day Combo class which begins with three days of intensive project management fundamentals training. And all classroom students are guaranteed to pass.

PMP® Exam Prep Course
(2 days)

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Pass the PMP Guaranteed!

This accelerated learning course is designed to help you prepare for the PMP Exam—and gain the most understanding of project management with the least amount of study. Developed by Rita Mulcahy, this course is designed to decrease your after-class study time from hundreds of hours to less than 40.

Fee: $1,300
Duration: 2 Days – 8am-5pm
Contact Hours: 16

Accelerated PMP® Exam Prep
(4 days)

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Pass the PMP Guaranteed!

This intensive 4-day, no study course is designed to completely prepare you for the PMP exam in a fun and effective manner—with no required studying after class! In addition to unique games and activities, there are exercises and techniques designed specifically to increase both learning and knowledge retention, giving students not only the knowledge they need to pass the exam in only four days, but also to become a better project manager—without rote memorization.

Fee: $2,600
Duration: 4 Days – 8am-6pm
Contact Hours: 40

PMP Combo: PM Tricks of the Trade® + 2-Day PMP® Exam Prep

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This combination course is specifically designed for project managers who need exam preparation training AND a refresher on project management fundamentals. It entails five consecutive days of training and two exceptional courses.

Fee: $2,800
Duration: 5 Days – 8am-4:30/5pm
Contact Hours: 37